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Techraion is pioneer Artifical Intelligence Solution Provideor for Defense & Entertainment Sector.
Defending Borders, Aiding Armed Forces,
& Analytics, Simplifying applciation/game development and much more.


Demo of software to generate textures from small input samples. Enables super resolution to increase the scale of textures with high resolution without pixelating image details. Also, enables generation of high quality normal maps.

Colour NightVision

NightVision Demo With API services to enhance images in dark. Useffull in combat, resuce and drone survellaince in dark.


CodeWorks from ANKRAI CodeWorks Gameworks: Public Beta Release of drag and drop game logic development framework.


ghost1 Autonomus Multi-Agent Drone Control

The scalable drone services requires a layered multiple network control architecture outlined mainly to coordinate access of various unmanned aerial vehicles to control airspace, package delivery, rescue operations, traffic surveillance and more. Such type of services is a system of a networked processes communicating with messages through multidirectional channels. As the communication between such processes is rendezvous based: both the reading and composing processes obstruct until the other side is ready to communicate; such kind of data flow to accomplish concurrent process is named as translational network. This model of computation is nondeterministic attributable to its concurrency. Research advances by Techraion in this area has enable network of multiple drone infrastructure to give generic services to various drone applications. We’ve exhibited the algorithms and software infrastructure utilized as a part of actualizing the autonomus mission control. The technique establishes the concept of co-simulation based autonomous translational network architecture, which organize and dynamically determine the features that a scalable drone system ought to be based upon.

ghost1 No Exit: Torments of Hell!

This is a Single Button Fast Paced 2D Platformer Game demo of our upcoming indie game title with elements of addictive game play mechanics of grappling , swinging. Leader-board is active now...Once, you finish the trials of the main story; try Challenging other player's high score to prove your Mettle. Check out the game for free, get a feel of it and if you like .. and Don't forget to give your valuable feedback.



No Exit: Game

Platformer Game for Pc.

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AI based texture generator with over 1000 material and tetxure maps

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This is our upcoming sculpting/kitbashing software. With 500 models and >500 alphas. Would be useful in Kit-bashing and rapid prototyping of caharacters.

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Markerless Augmented Reality for Remote Sensing Applciaions

Its a demo of integrated AR+VR app which allows remote sensing data to be integrated with civil/architectural data into single visualization module with seamless transition between AR and VR. Viewers can see the same data in AR and traverse the map in VR with no need for extra modelling and programming steps.

Reserach Protfolio

This demonstration contains list of our old research and consultancy projects.


Coloured NightVision Tech

A plethora of surveillance devices are being utilized to achieve Battle Field Transparency, but being legacy systems they need to be continuously manned and monitored. We have developed an Artificial Intelligence Based monitoring system to convert the legacy Surveillance camera inputs into smart inputs i.e it will enable surveillance at night with the developed color night-vision surveillance system. AI based monitoring for surveillance will reduce the operators fatigue and free resources for other tasks.

Snooping From Long Distance

Terroist Meetings and there plans can now be revealed without risking life of Indian soldiers and spys. With this tech we can extarct the sound from only videos recorded far away from binocluars. Since, sound produces small motions in background objects. Thus, our device can extarct this small motions to recover the sound. Sound can be recovered from plants, clothes, glass filled water etc. located nearby.

Border Security Surveillance

This is a demonstration of our automated security solution which detects and tracks suspecious activity in a multiple video stream. It analyzyes the human posture, behvaioural traitsa and smentcially classify the enviornemnt to poredict the future most proobale actions going to happen and from tehreof immediatly notify the authorities to take necessary actions.

Active Thermal Camouflaging of Military Tanks.

In war enemies rely on thermal signature to identify threat offered by tanks. Hence, it is crucial to hide our tanks from enemy spooters. This is a demonstration of our device we have built to eliminate thermal signature of millitary tanks; to add comptetive advantage in the battelfeild.


CodeWorks: Visual Scripting Framework

This is a visual Scripting IDE for for several game engines & AI Development Program (specifically tensor-flow). Its a very unique Visual Scripting IDE for multiple game engines. It enables users to develop game logic for one application/game and deploy it over multiple game engines.

TextureWorks: AI Based Texture Generator

TextureWorks is an Artificial Intelligence Based easy texture generation and texture maps generation tool for preparing PBR materials in your 3D/2D Games!. It has everything you need to build a complete texture from small patches or samples of images of your desired size. In addition with the capability of generating all sorts of texture maps, it has also the tool for increasing the resolution of the images with advance artificial intelligence based algorithms to scale images. From the task of texture generation to texture completion, texture re-scaling and texture map generation this software is a one stop shop to get all these solution in one package. Not only that you will also have a plethora of sample texture libraries (of over 1,000 textures of various types) for ready to be sued in your 3D/2D Games at no additional cost.

Brain Signal to Image Generation

After Binge watching on Simpsons for more than 15 hrs of training data. Here, is the result of our alpha stage of softwares. More iterations of this would likely to interpret 86% of though process directly to images.


No Exit: Torments of Hell

This is a Single Button Fast Paced 2D Platformer Game demo made in UE4 + integration of CEF. You have one life to make it count. It has elements of addictive game play mechanics of grappling , swinging. Leader-board is active...Once, you finish the trials of the main story; try Challenging other player's high score to prove your Mettle.
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